About the Artist

Screen Shot 2017-04-20 at 10.18.19 AMCara is an oil painter in Somerville, Massachusetts. Cara was born in Boston, MA and spent her childhood drawing comic strips for her family. Cara moved to Somerville in 2008. She found a job she loved working with refugees and immigrants in affordable housing, but that only left time for occasional painting. In 2012, Cara left her job to go to graduate school for urban planning at Tufts. The more flexible graduate student schedule allowed Cara to begin to get back into painting, and she began going to figure painting meet ups with the Boston Figurative Art Center. Cara began to paint landscapes and discovered the joy of painting outdoors in a public place, interacting with passersby to participate in building community while also recording and celebrating that community through art.

Today Cara continues to paint landscapes, both outdoors and from photographs. Her newest paintings are a series of construction vehicles, which her two-year-old son especially appreciates.

Cara also loves cooking; check out her food blog here: food.carafosterkarim.com